Virtual Box Installing Guest Additions Doesn’t Do Anything


My host machine, that is the machine running virtual box is a Mac, and I’m trying to share a folder with a Windows 8 environment I’ve created with my virtual box.

After you have created the shared folder (located at the bottom right hand corner with the folder icon), you will need to install guest additions. Going to Devices > Install Guest Additions appeared to do nothing for me. On some version of windows, you get a notification pop up on the right hand corner, much like this video, for me nothing happened. Or so it seemed… What actually happened was that virtualbox guest edition installer was now mounted to my D drive but due to the steller UI and UX, it’s completely non obvious to the user as to what just happened. Anyways, you should be able to see it via windows explorer. Install the right version of VBoxWindowsAdditions executable, for me it was VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86. Once you’ve done that, the shared folder should now appear in your network drive.

Mac Trash Hanging on Delete

If you try to clear your trash and it progress bar seems to hang, it’s probably due to a locked file. A few recommendations on the internet requires the user to mess around in terminal and creating a new .Trash2 folder in your home folder and than doing a mv and then delete again.

There’s an easier way to accomplish this. Simply go to your Trash, hit cmd-a, move all the files out into a temporary folder. The remaining ones in Trash will be the locked files.

To unlock, simply right click, Get Info, there should be a small lock on the bottom right of the pop up. Click on it to unlock the file. You should be able to delete it now.