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I graduated with 1st Class honours from Cass Business School. Straight after university, I cofounded a social shopping fashion website based in London for 2.5 years which was acquired by a German media company. One of my biggest ‘lesson learnt’ for me during that period was the importance of technical execution.

As a non-technical founder, I felt I would have been able to contribute even more if I had some programming chops. This also emphasized the pain I was feeling through my college years in that I had many ideas but was unable to implement them. As a result of which, this is my first serious attempt at keeping a professional blog about startups, my transition from ‘business guy’ to hacker and probably some other stuff that’s interesting.


Having spent the last 3 years teaching myself to code and working on various number of startups and projects as a developer, I feel I’ve achieved what I sought out to accomplish 3 years ago. I am currently working on diapercakes.sg and suddenlycat.com

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. While I find the template you have chosen for mobile devices technically impressive and quite slick, I feel that I should note it makes reading the content much harder.

    Posts don’t seem to be wrapped etc correctly and thus I have had to do much more sideways scrolling than I would have otherwise liked.

    Thanks for the link back to the normal site 🙂

  2. Hi Dougal,

    I haven’t really seen my blog on a mobile device yet so thanks for the heads up! Is it because of the snippets of code that I’ve embedded that causes the sideways scrolling?

    BTW, which link of mine is linked back to yours?

    Thanks for visiting and leaving the feedback! 🙂


  3. I am learning to program in python right now in order to use django. My goal is to land a job as a python coder for web applications. Thanks for the blog and the links therein. Very helpful.

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