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Blogwith Evernote  Simplenote   Onenote

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I’ve been asked by to do a break of So here are 5 improvements that can be done immediately.

1. Bigger Call-to-action (CTA)

The main action seems to the Connect Evernote button. This button should be much much more prominent. Right now it’s getting dwarfed by the words above which brings me to the 2nd point

Very clear call to action by Constant Contact

Effective Email Marketing   Constant Contact

2. USP needs fine tuning.

I’m not entirely sure what blogwith does. I can hazard a guess but that’s a copy fail on the landing page. Also, the white text on white notebook background doesn’t provide good contrast.

Here, the USP for Kissmetrics is clearly defined in a short sentence.
KISSmetrics Customer Intelligence   Web Analytics

3. Keywords not present

What must the user type into Google to find the web application? If there isn’t any search volume to indicate either a informational, navigational or transactional interest, then it either means your product mind blowingingly original or that there’s no need for it. In some cases, it could well be that SEO isn’t a good channel for your product. For example, inspirational sites such as Pinterest and Polyvore do not lend themselves to “utility” based search phrases that makes them discoverable. So what does a user need to type to find This should also be taken into consideration when crafting your USP statement on the homepage.

4. Examples

When you’re selling a technical service, you absolutely have to explain how it works. Be it in the form of a video or using images. The best way to explain the product in most cases is through a demo.

For a long time, Dropbox’s homepage featured a video that explained what their service does.

5. Social Proof

Social proof can help increase the conversion rate of your landing pages. What if you’re a new company and you don’t have any? Fake it. Fake the testimonials. Fake the number of integrations. Fake the number of downloads. It then (hopefully) becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Social proof present below the fold at Zapier’s homepage.

The best apps. Better together.   Zapier

There are other things that can be tided up such as: missing meta descriptions, missing sitemap, ugly 404 pages. But the most important aspects for an MVP is to communicate clearly what the product/service does. Failing which, everything else is simply excess.


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