Next Set of iOS Queries to Answer

  1. In the storyboard, which layout to work in? 3.5 or 4 inch?
  2. Do you drag the size of your view all the way to the edge of the 4 inch? How does this affect the 3.5 inch view?
  3. In a navigation controller, the Top Bar pushes down content when there’s a scroll view. It doesn’t push it down in a normal view. Why?
  4. How to manage autolayout and scroll view?
  5. Should you lazy instantiate all of your properties all the time? Including all the UILabels and UITextFields?
  6. Assuming I want the height of a view to occupy the few screen, what should the height of the UIView be in a navigation controller (with and without the status bar)
  7. In View Controller, what does Extend Edges — Under Top Bars/Under Bottom Bars/Under Opague Bars

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