Learning Objective-C

much shine. very sexy.

Been hunkering down a bit and getting up to speed with iOS. Coming from a scripting level like Python, learning Objective-C is definitely an eye opener. There are so many things that are taken for granted when you work with languages like Python, Ruby and PHP.

Initially, I started working on the Ray Wenderlich iOS tutorials but I felt I wasn’t fully understanding the tutorials properly. I will be going back to those tutorials once I’m done with this book called Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch. The first part about C is really really vital and it builds up nicely. Previously, when I was learning Python, I stressed the importance of ‘learning by doing’ and The Big Nerd Ranch does this very well. There’s a hands on coding portion for almost every chapter. My only peeve is that I wish they included solutions in the book itself for their challenges section.

I hope to release an app every month. Let’s see how it goes!

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