Buying AmazonGlobal Eligible Products From Singapore

Amazon free shipping to Singapore! Yay~~

Amazon free shipping to Singapore! Yay~~

Singapore recently came under Amazon’s GlobalSaver programme. What this means is that orders above $125 USD will have free shipping. Do note that if you’re spending over $400 SGD, you will probably need to pay taxes on those items.

So how does one go about buying these free shipping goodies?

To check if your product qualifies for the free shipping, use the following steps:

  1. Begin your search here:
  2. On the left hand nav bar, select the specific department e.g. Books or Electronics
  3. This should refresh the page with the left hand nav bar fully expanded. Scroll down until you find AmazonGlobal Eligible
  4. Check the box to filter it again
  5. The product must be sold by LLC and not one of its re-sellers.
  6. On checkout, choose
    1. Group products into as few shipments as possible
    2. AmazonGlobal Eligible

However, at this point in time, there seems to be a bug with the system. Having gone through this process, I still see delivery charges on my checkout page. I emailed customer service about this and essentially this is the workaround:

  1. Make sure what you what to buy is eligible for AmazonGlobal Eligible by going through the search above
  2. Pay for your product under the normal
  3. Submit a refund request under through this link:

I would however make sure to first email the CS reps before proceeding with the purchase to confirm the refund process. The service is pretty prompt.

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