Updates to my Vim workflow

I know vimfu

I know vimfu

The best way to improve your vim-fu is to do so incrementally. There have been a few inefficiencies in my current workflow that I’ve tolerated for the longest time. I’ve squashed a few of them today.

The first is auto-completing brackets. I used delimitMate for this. So now typing < automatically results in <> with my cursor in insert mode inside the triangular brackets.

The next one is auto-completing HTML tags. I have no idea why I’ve waited this long to get it fixed but closetag does the job well. To use, simple type <div> followed by ctrl-_.

The last one is great for finding bugs in your HTML. What matchit does is that when you press %, it cycles between the opening and closing tag where your cursor is currently located. Again, I’ve waited too long to fix this annoyance. This probably says more about my laziness than my patience.

Here’s a quick glance at all my plugins and my dotfiles for anyone interested.

Vim Plugins

Vim Plugins

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