Software is a Young Buck

nom nom nom

Browsing reddit and came across this comment on this post:

Computer programmer…

We are in the “pre-industrial” era of software development, and even the best of us aren’t very good at it

Think about it..

Mechanical engineering is hundreds of years old

Architecture is older

Software starts at roughly 1950

We have a long way to go

When a new bridge, building or airplane is designed, everybody knows it will almost certainly work correctly

Major software projects frequently crash and burn and are abandoned

Those that succeed are filled with bugs

Software is NOT a rigorous engineering discipline

..and yes..I have been programming since 1972 and I know a bit about software

So we have the following forces at work now:

What does this all mean? Simply, software is here and if you want to remain relevant in tomorrow’s economy, you gotta learn the language.

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