Games will be the death of you this post on hackernews and the top comment reads:

Giving up video games in my 20s.
If I hadn’t done that, I’d still be stuck in front of a game somewhere.
Those things will eat your life.


Games. A huge part of my life revolved around games. I’ve played them all and to some extent, got mostly good enough to pwn noobs in game. As any gamer can tell you, pwning someone, AI or human, is a very addictive feeling. To pwn someone, you need the best gear, the highest EXP, the most organized guild and so on and so forth. It’s a perfectly designed feedback loop.


This is my EU League of Legends profile. I’ve clocked about 800 games in 2010 when it first launched. The average length of a game is about an hour so thats 800 hours or 33 days worth of time I spent on that game that year alone. That is also the last game in which I’ve dropped serious time commitment on. Having said that, I have an 80 Engineer in GW2 and a 80(11) Monk in D3 but those were attained casually over many many weeks. Before LoL, I’ve spent countless hours on the Civilisation series, Warcraft 3 (I was ranked on the ladder), Counterstrike (back when AWP had zero recoil)  and so much more.


I think playing games in moderation is fine. Nothing like blowing off steam in pub games in TF2 after a long day. Couple of frags bound to make you feel better. However, like most others, I took gaming seriously. Which self respecting gamer didn’t?


Looking back now, getting off the hardcore gaming routine must surely be the best thing I ever did.


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