Opportunity Cost of Higher Education and National Service

This article resounds with me a lot. Imagine I didn’t have my NS obligations and skipped university. Instead, I spent those 5 years learning and building products. At 8 hours a day, I would have clocked about 10,000 hours in programming and product knowledge. What a powerful experience and skillset that would be now. The best part is, I would have spent exactly $0 dollars in that time.

Right now, I would be reaping the benefits of that knowledge instead of starting from near ground zero. When I think about the the opportunity costs and the compounded effects of that, I get seriously depressed.

National Service is not just 2.5 years (at least it was during my time) of my life, it’s 2.5 years and whatever compounded wealth I would have gained otherwise.

Well, I guess that’s the price one has to pay for semi-reliable MRT services these days.


For those of you thinking of going to uni, why not check this out instead instead? http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/10/dev-boot-camp-is-a-ruby-success

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