Learning Javascript and jQuery

Just a quick blurb on what I’ve been up to. On advice of Marte, CTO of Insync and Calvin of Odeon Consulting, I’ve been learning Javascript and jQuery the last week. All of us reached the same conclusion of going for breadth rather than depth.

The titles I am using to aid in my study are as follows:

  1. Simply Javascript
  2. Head First Javascript
  3. jQuery – Novice to Ninja
  4. Django Javascript Integration: AJAX and jQuery

I feel it is more important and more helpful for me to know just enough about each knowledge realm and not go too deep into a particular area. I just need to know enough to get my future startup off the ground. Later on if everything goes well, hire the subject matter experts to fire-fight and scale the company.

Learning Javascript and jQuery is also complementary to my existing knowledge of Python/Django and HTML/CSS. Once I get these tools under my belt, I can almost call myself a web developer… What a crazy idea! I must say though, learning Javascript is LOT EASIER now that I’ve got the basics of Python down. The mechanics of a programming language doesn’t change, only the syntax.

Also, I’ve ended my internship with Insync. I will be following up with a blog post about my experiences there. Thanks for everything guys! 🙂

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