Hacker News Effect

Ok so this is for you data freaks. So I blogged about turning into a hacker last week and I think it related well with many people. I had about 10,000 views to my blog within a 2 day period. So I thought it might be interesting to share the details of the HN effect. I posted to HN at about midnight on 03/03/11 GMT+8.

So roughly 2 hours into my blog post, I was in 4th position on the homepage. This translates into the following views:

So what can we learn from this?

  1. A lot of people out there want to be hackers 🙂
  2. To get to the homepage, you need the following ingredients
    1. Submit your blog post at 00:00 GMT +8 on a Thursday
    2. You need to get 23 upvotes, 21 comments and roughly 1200 inbound clicks to make it to the homepage of Hacker News
    3. You need to get all these within a 2 hour time frame

Of course these numbers are relative to the popularity of other news for that day. But I think this gives a rough idea to the order of magnitudes that is required to make it to the homepage.

By the next day, I was still on the frontpage but below the fold (27th position I think). I didn’t take a screenshot of that but I had I think 4-5k page views by then. I stopped tracking my position on HN shortly after.

This is how the final numbers look like:

6 thoughts on “Hacker News Effect

  1. Thanks for compiling these stats, and congratulations on the recent buzz = ) A little bit of success is a good reason to keep going. Keep em coming – you’ve got some people cheering for you.

  2. Hey Calvin, thanks for your kind words once again.

    Its interesting though, I’m submitting this 11am local time and I suspect most of the American audience that HN has is sleeping so I’m not getting as much traffic as I thought I would be from such a juicy looking title. Note to self: timing is really important!

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